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Credit Insurance and International Trade

In our practice we often deal with (trading) companies that trade fast, large volumes all over the world. The products are often perishable. Credit insurance is basically designed for this, but special circumstances can mean that it does not all fit.

Dutch Credit Brokers ensures that such gaps in a policy are closed. Think of rules regarding claims and delivery terms.

  • What does a policy do when a debtor does not pick up a CA(C)D delivery?
  • How should you respond to this?
  • Who pays for the costs?

hese are all aspects that occur in international trade. We ensure that the business processes fit within the rules of the policy. This requires an insight into your business operations. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can tackle these everyday problems in advance and you can continue with your business operations

This is how we helped an internationally operating food company


An internationally operating food company delivers 12 containers (324MT) of frozen food items to a debtor in Asia. The agreed payment condition is CAD via the bank. This has been going well for years.
After the goods arrive at the port, the debtor does not fulfill his payment obligations and the documents remain with the bank. Time is ticking by and the containers with goods have been in the port of destination for weeks now. This entails considerable demurrage and plug-in costs. The debtor eventually admits that he can no longer purchase the goods due to liquidity problems.

Our solution

In joint consultation with us and the insurer, it was decided to resell the goods to a third party established in another country. The associated costs, including the resale loss, demurrage, plug-in costs and re-export costs, are ultimately reimbursed by the insurer on the basis of the covered percentage (90%).

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