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The professionals who make it happen

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Jeroen Wesseling

Managing Director

As a co-founder of Dutch Credit Brokers, I feel privileged. Not only because I have the opportunity to work with professionals, but more importantly, because as an entrepreneur I can work with other entrepreneurs in my field; credit insurance and related matters. After graduating, I briefly worked as a company lawyer and then continued my career in credit insurance. I worked for NCM, now known as Atradius, after which I worked as a specialist in credit insurance and political risks for a large specialized intermediary. With the establishment of Dutch Credit Brokers I continued this specialization and as an independent party I am even better able to realize the best deals for my customers.

Ralph Reinders

Commercial Director

At Dutch Credit Brokers I use my expertise in international credit insurance with great pleasure and dedication. With my experience and knowledge, I try to offer international operating organizations maximum support in reducing credit risks.

After my law studies I worked for several MPs in the House of Representatives. Then I joined Graydon, after which I finally, as an insurance broker, specialized in credit insurance.

As a co-founder of Dutch Credit Brokers, I feel a great responsibility for all our customers. I am closely involved and that gives me the opportunity to make a difference every time.

Phone: 0297 724 710
Phone 2: 06 – 271 896 90

Driss Maalikoum

Business development director

I have a broad role within Dutch Credit Brokers. On one hand, this concerns the acquisiton of new clients in segments where Dutch Credit Brokers has less involvement. On the other hand, it concerns maintaining existing relationships and co-leading the organization within the company.

After graduating, I soon ended up in credit insurance. First with an insurer and later with a specialized intermediary in this field. After 11 years I continued my career in international trade. In those years I also gained extensive experience on the customer side with the various insurers.

Within Dutch Credit Brokers I have the opportunity to use my acquired knowledge and experience fort he benefit of our clients.

Vanessa Sijtsma

Account executive

Within Dutch Credit Brokers I fulfill a commercial role towards our clients. I like to fulfill the role of first point of contact and I am clearly visible and accessible to our clients.

My experience in the field of debtor management in various industries and my previous position at a general insurance intermediary serve me very well in the contacts with our clients.

Within Dutch Credit Brokers we work day in day out in a close-knit group of colleagues to represent the interests of our clients, which I feel very happy about.

Soli Goossens-Eskinazi

Account assistant

In 2018 I joined the team of Dutch Credit Brokers. Together with my colleaguess we monitor the interest of our customers in the field of debtor risks and related risks.

Throughout my career I have held various positions within the retail and trade. I have taken my experience in those areas with me to Dutch Credit Brokers.

I like that I am widely deployed within Dutch Credit Brokers. The day is never the same. I also like that a lot of fun is made within the company where I work.

Rob Maase

Account executive

I started at Atradius (formerly NCM) in 1980, where I have enjoyed working for over 37 years. At Atradius I gained a very broad and detailed knowledge of the credit insurance profession and all its aspects. As project manager, founder of the online customer portal of Atradius (Atrium) and many other business projects. In 2019 Dutch Credit Brokers asked me to joint the team and use my knowledge and experience to negotiate the best solution and proposition for our clients with the various insurers and to help our clients get the maximum from the credit insurance. The best part is that in my current role as a broker/advisor, the interests of our client come first.

Call us for advise, action and make use of our knowledge and (together) more than 100 years of experience. Dutch Credit Brokers is one of the top specialist credit insurance brokers of which we, as a team, are of course very proud.

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