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With every construction towards the desired financing capital


Sometimes you need help from a professional when (re)financing your business activities. Someone who knows the capital market, who leads the way and is able to get you the best deal. Did you estimate the importance of your financing requirement correctly? Is the desired financing amount realistic? Remember, you will need to pay interest on that part of the financing you don’t (immediately) need.

Professional financial assistance

Dutch Credit Brokers can provide you the expert advice you need! We offer businesses professional assistance during the financing process. We determine your financing requirement and the feasibility thereof, establish the process and the costs thereof and realize the best (re)financing deal for you. In doing so, we can review bank financing, factoring and external financing by way of shareholdings. In short, Dutch Credit Brokers is specialized in every market and can assist you in selecting the best option of acquiring the desired financing capital.

Basel Accords

The introduction of the Basel Accords has not made it any easier for businesses to obtain financing. On the contrary, the demand for our expertise has sharply increased since they were introduced, and not without reason. Since 1 January 2008, most large banks have been operating in accordance with the Basel Accords guidelines. This means that each bank client is awarded a rating in order to determine the risk factor of the financing. In order to grant financing, the bank must maintain a solvency requirement (reserve).

– Higher risk

The higher the risk rating of your company, the greater the reserve the bank must maintain for your financing. This has quite a few negative consequences for your interest rates and financing conditions. In such cases, it can, for example, be useful to conduct a market research.

– Lower risk

The lower the assessment of your company’s risk, the lower the solvency requirement the bank maintains for you and the lower the financing costs will be. You will have a great head start if you are fully aware of these procedures beforehand. It can therefore be useful to have us act on your behalf and realize the best deal for you.


Do you require support in order to realize (re)financing for your company? Please feel free to contact us to request an intake meeting, free of obligations. We will be glad to help you strengthen your position in order to attract liquid assets.

Professional guidance with your financing

The lower the risk of your company is estimated, the lower the solvency requirement that the bank holds for you and the lower the financing costs. We are happy to explain how we can strengthen your position for attracting liquid assets. Dutch Credit Brokers is a fully independent intermediary.

Certainty in the financing process with DCB