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Debt collection

Doing business with the support in your back of Dutch Credit Brokers

Debt collection

Dutch Credit Brokers recognizes two different types of debt collection, i.e. the amicable debt collection and judicial debt collection.

Amicable debt collection

The amicable debt collection is the debt collection you as a company would do and is, in principle, the same as the method applied by a debt collecting agency. This involves the ‘standard’ procedures your credit management would employ in order to collect any unpaid invoices. Dutch Credit Brokers would be glad to help you optimize this process. Is there a way to achieve an even better result with the amicable debt collection? After all, the quicker you receive the money, the better this is for your operating capital and the less you will have to worry about it. This not only improves your company’s finances, you also maintain full control of the outstanding invoices!

Judicial debt collection

If the amicable debt collection doesn’t lead to a payment from the customer, the next step, regrettably, is judicial debt collection. This involves legal steps, which are taken in order to persuade the customer to pay. In such cases, you want to be able to rely on a partner who is fully versed in these legal steps. Not only in the Netherlands, but also international debt collection, where different laws and local practices apply. But it is equally important that your wishes are respected. The debt collection partners of Dutch Credit Brokers are specialized in national and international debt collection procedures. You can rest assured that our partners will use their judicial debt collection expertise to achieve the desired end result; making sure that you receive what you are entitled to!

For further information on how Dutch Credit Brokers can improve your debt collection procedures or if you are looking for a specialized partner to support you with a judicial debt collection procedure, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

A partner for all your debt collection matters

Dutch Credit Brokers will help you further. It is important that you can rely on a partner who knows these legal steps like the back of his hand. Not only in the Netherlands, but also for international collections where different legislation and local customs apply. Dutch Credit Brokers is a completely independent intermediary. The benefits of doing business with the support in your back from Dutch Credit Brokers.

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