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Take your debtor management to the next level


Is your credit management department experiencing temporary capacity issues? Dutch Credit Brokers helps you resolve these issues by making trained credit professionals available to you. They will help you perform your credit management at the desired level or to raise your department to the next level.

Dutch Credit Brokers makes credit professionals available for the short and long term, for the following positions:

Debt collectors

Debt collectors are temporary employees who recover your outstanding receivables, which is often done by phone. Debt collectors can be engaged for the short or long term to cover any temporary capacity issues.

Credit managers

Credit managers can be engaged on a temporary or permanent basis and help you to collect the outstanding receivables and can guide and coach your credit management department from a broader perspective as credit managers know the various aspects of credit management.

Credit controllers

Credit controllers are employees who are able to perform high level activities within your organization. Their broad credit management experience allows them to develop a policy specifically for your credit management and detail the consequences this may have for your organization. Often a credit controller has gained experience abroad.

Would you like to know more about how our credit professionals can help you or would you like to receive some general information on secondments? Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to discuss the options available to you.

Secondment for your debtor management

The benefits of seconded credit professionals

Do you temporarily have capacity problems in your debt management department? Dutch Credit Brokers assists you in overcomings this problem by seconding skilled credit professionals. They assist you to continue your debtor management at the desired level or to take your department to a higher level. Dutch Credit Brokers detaches among others:

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