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More time to run your business


If you prefer focusing on your core business and/or don’t have the human resources to execute a good credit management, you can also decide to outsource your credit management. Dutch Credit Brokers offers outsourcing services; you can rely on our expertise.

Benefits of outsourcing credit management

Credit management outsourcing is performed by a specialized company. You will not only benefit from their professional expertise and knowledge in this area, but also you can spend more of your precious time on what you enjoy most: running your business. This will allow rapidly growing companies that focus on sales to greatly improve their professional level.

Outsourcing credit management provides the following benefits:

  • Debtors are continuously and meticulously approached, and therefore introducing a clear structure.
  • Reduction of the DSO, i.e. Days Sales Outstanding.
  • Broadening of the work capital.
  • Less writing off.
  • A better risk profile at your bank, which could reduce financing costs.
  • A possible reduction of your credit insurance

If you would like to receive further information on outsourcing of credit management and what Dutch Credit Brokers can do for you, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to discuss the options available to you.

Benefits of outsourcing debtor management

Strongly growing companies with a focus on sales, can make a professionalization step by outsourcing their debtor management. Outsourcing your debtor management can bring a lot of benefits. Dutch Credit Brokers is a completely independent intermediary.

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